Traffic surveys are the key for road planners

Before planning up to build a road or to repair one, the utmost needed thing one should do is traffic surveys. It is one of the basic essential steps to understand the actual conditions of the ground in order to predict what it would be in future. Apart from the ground condition, the other thing needed is to check how often the road is used by the people or how the vehicles pass by. This is done to encapsulate vehicle types and their speed.

Road transport in India is one of the widest means of transport not required. To keep the travel journey safe not required these traffic surveys are needed for transport planners.

These traffic surveys are also used in multiple ways like helping in resolving national, regional and local traffic issues. Once the data is out, it helps the planning team to conclude with decisions like construction, maintenance of transport infrastructure. Traffic survey reports influence investment in future infrastructure as well as making the best of our current road networks. Local surveys deal with parking issues or few effective methods to calm the traffic woes.

These traffic surveys also reveal the sad realities like, the increasing number of vehicles on the road, traffic issues, pollution levels etc. These results also suggest one to switch for car-pooling or other ways to cut down the traffic woes.

These surveys need to be done quite very often and not just once a year or two. The more often the surveys are done, the easier it would be for the travellers as there would be the implementations of new ways to cut down the road issues by the government or by the transport of India.

The requirements for surveys therefore form the basis of most of the work Transport Planners carry out. Accurate and reliable traffic surveys are a must have. From traffic surveys to parking information, the data collected by professional survey teams helps to give a clear picture of any problems or issues, allowing planners to see how and where transport and highways can be improved.

These surveys decide which city and which place is in dire need of changes. Using a range of traffic and transport planning techniques and approaches there will be many implementations decided by the road transport companies for right planning to sort the issues.

For successful transport planning to take place, it is an essential requirement for transport planners to obtain a sound understanding of the actual conditions on the ground in order to predict what the conditions would be in the future. The journey length, the purpose of the journey and the frequency of the journey may also need to be determined.

There are several types of traffic survey or counting methods used on traffic networks ranging from manual counting, road tubes and cameras to questionnaires and telephone surveys. Most transport planning companies are familiar with all types of traffic surveys, but mostly use camera technology. Unlike manually counted traffic surveys with staff counting on-site, a video survey can also be used for other purposes such as looking at driver or pedestrian behaviour, determining queue lengths or even identifying issues that may not be known.

According to the results of these surveys, they also plan demolishment of few structures to clear the road for the users.

So, the solutions for all the traffic related or road related issues are highlighted by road survey techniques. These techniques ensure improved safety and efficiency on road.

Updated: November 11, 2017 — 11:24 am

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