Freight transport infrastructure in India marching ahead towards excellence

If we look at the logistic infrastructure in India, then it has been a major contributor to the economic development. The government also understands the critical of it. Hence, the expenditure on making and maintaining road infrastructure has increased manifold. Experts feel that though we are elevating our standards pretty fast, it will take some time to match the international standards of safety and quality.

With a large coastal line and intricate railway network, we have multiple choices for transporting material. However, road transport is an easy and convenient medium (not a cheaper option, though). No wonder, we have a long array of Domestic Cargo services that move tonnes of loads across the country. Navata Road Transport is one of the leading names in the niche with an impressive presence pan India.

Integrated and coordinated development is needed

Freight transport services in india could do remarkably well in the past two decades because they saved operational and maintenance costs because of improved infrastructures. With the implementation of humongous projects such as Golden Quadrangle or East-West Highway, we have good quality toll roads that withstand the international standards.

Now we need an integrated development approach where road infrastructure will complement the other two important modes, rail network and water transport. There should be express ways to the major ports so that material moves to the ship fast.

Rail and road transport should work together, not as competitors. We need to realize the potential of transportation business which is the pivotal factor in the country’s development. Top transportation companies are eagerly waiting for it to happen. It will not only boost their business, but it will improve the economic strength further.

Yes, India has performed brilliantly in the past, but there is a long way to go. It is sure that the country will conquer new and new heights by systematic development and focused approach.

Updated: November 11, 2017 — 11:07 am
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