Emergency road service, the new concept in India

Top logistics companies that care for the vehicles and drivers always tie up with emergency road services so that immediate help can be obtained in the case of trouble. Navata Road Transport is the leading name in the field of domestic cargo. They offer round-the-clock material movement services to the clients. Hence, the need for emergency road service is felt by them prominently.

What is an emergency service? It is a third-party service provider that manages the problems during the journey. They ensure that there is no delay in the material dispatch.

Types of emergency road services

Though the concept of emergency road service is relatively new in India, there has been a significant improvement happened in the recent years. Today, we have several companies offering help to Freight transport services in india. The services help tremendously when there is any crisis. Broadly, the services are categorized like this:

Assistance on the road and recovery

At times, vehicles get a sudden problem when they are parked roadside or moving. Transport vehicles are big and heavy. Hence, it is not possible to take them away from the site. In this situation, emergency road services attend the vehicle on the spot. If there is a minor problem, then it can be fixed there only. However, for bigger issues, the vehicle is taken to the nearest service station. It is very much important that the Freight transport services in india sign a contract with some proficient service provider to get immediate assistance.

Recovery followed by an accident

In the unfortunate event of an accident, emergency road services take the vehicle to the nearest authorized dealer if it is under warranty or maintenance contract. Otherwise, they can give quotation for the repair of the same. Top transportation companies normally have annual maintenance contracts with their respective dealers. If it is not there, then emergency service does it.

Updated: November 10, 2017 — 11:38 am
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