Choosing Road transportation for your goods will never be a bad choice

Ground transport is one of the popular means of transport in our country. And in that Road and rail plays a major role for transportation. Transportation isn’t a small thing; it is directly or indirectly inclined to our economy. Goods exchange is something that is into practise since more than ages. So, choosing the right method of transportation is exceptionally important to ensure the needs of the company are met as well as the needs of the consumers.

There are many advantages of road transportation, out of which the utmost important ones are they are flexible in terms of final destination and volume of goods to be transported- they help us to reach the goods at ones door steps unlike in any other transportation. These transport facilities are available at almost the entire day, even at the oddest hours of the day. And the best part is they are often available for more affordable prices than any other methods of transport. Shipping specialty services are not uncommon in the trucking industry either. Whether you are transport dry freight; frozen, fresh, or refrigerated; heavy or large, there are an array of companies available for transport in India.

The downsides to choosing road freight are the restrictions caused by traffic and speed limits, as well as the unpredictability of weather conditions causing delays in shipping schedules. Trucks are frequently moving on the road but from time to time there can be some delays causing delays. The best solution is to plan ahead or use a company that has track and tracing capabilities which is now a smart way of these transport companies that keep track of all the details.

India rail is the predominant mode for passenger movement earning Rs.4.6 Billion in revenues for only passenger movement even at the current heavily subsidized rates. They are not much preferred for transportation of goods unless they are some mines or something huge to be transported.

Even though our Indian railway run around 65000 km, the only difference is that they are mostly used as passenger carriers. Almost around 75 per cent transportation happens by road, it’s only around 10 per cent that happens by rail. And most of that 10 per cent accommodates the commodities like ores and gasoline.

The mix of rail and road is governed by pure economics, but it depends on the size of the country, the type of industries it nurtures and the natural endowments it has and how the settlements are geographically located. In a country like Iceland, which is several times the size of Switzerland, you will not find the presence of rail infrastructure at all, whereas the smallest countries of the world have rail infrastructure, including tiniest nation states like Monaco, Vatican, Hong Kong, etc. The need for moving people and materials must serve the economic purpose and in some cases an imperative to get connected to the broader circuit of the continents also finds precedence over anything else.

The road by itself is a stock of economy; it was the earliest discovery of man that allowed movement of people and goods to happen, without which no economic activity could have been performed efficiently. Developed economies of the world developed because they created the road infrastructure well before they created cities and towns, not the other way. The role of road and rail in making trade happen is vital.

With growing needs and growing transport there has also been a drastic growth in road transport companies in India. There are many top transportation companies that serve the best for allowing your goods to reach safe at a destined location.

Depending on the goods to be transported these companies allot the trucks, the oldest 10 wheeler truck have been doing wonders all these while in transportation. There are many promotions coming up that say and supports rail over road schemes, but not to forget the value of money, it is a pure risk of failing to meet all-important targets.

Road schemes tend to offer the best value for money. The road network is the true provider of transport facilities. So, it is clear about which is the best choice one can make for a transportation of goods. The figures are clear. Choosing the oldest means of transport and especially by tucks on roads is never a bad choice. And making our fears and worry to fade, the transporting companies have come with smart ideas and solution for every kind of product to be transported.

Updated: November 10, 2017 — 11:32 am

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