As we expand transport industry, it is the time to look at driver fatigue

When you send the stuff through road transport, there is always a risk. Though the road infrastructure has improved remarkably well in India, there are still challenges. In spite of invention of brilliant new technologies that have added a lot to the road safety, carelessness and violation of rules lead to accidents and mishaps.
Not only such incidents cause financial loss, but there is a loss of life also at times. When we look forward becoming an economic superpower, it is very much important that third party logistics companies pay attention to the safety measures as well.
Conveyance drivers have a tough life in India
Unlike other developed countries, the life of heavy vehicle driver is miserable in our country. Thankfully, the condition of roads has improved remarkably in the recent years, and the drivers are relieved from the fatigue, but there is still a long way to go.
Since the market is unstructured and not established, the drivers and supporting staff do not have any official forum to put their problems. Some transport companies follow high levels of employee welfare standards and offer adequate support to the drivers. Navata Road Transport is amongst the Top logistics companies with excellent safety norms. However, it can’t be generalized. It is important to enforce it by making amendments in the law.
Preventing driver fatigue is important
It is important that Domestic Cargo services follow norms to avoid driver fatigue. The duty hours should be defined, and they should not be allowed to drive more than that. Our highways should provide safe and secure shelters where drivers can stay during the night. There should be medical checkup and fitness test to ensure material and life safety. These things are not present today in our country, but they are quite prevalent in developed nations. We must look into it because the safety of people is imperative.

Updated: November 11, 2017 — 11:08 am
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