Are you a transport planner? Don’t underestimate the power of Traffic Survey!

When you are an entrepreneur, it is critically important to be futuristic. Do not remain complacent by the current business growth. Rather, understand the rapid changes happening around and make yourself ready for the future.

A transport planner must obtain a clear-cut understanding of the road condition, traffic density, and other relevant aspects. Traffic surveys are an excellent source of information because they are based on the actual and factual data.

Top transportation companies such as Navata Road Transport keep a close watch on several surveys and reports published in journals and periodicals to get meaningful information.

Types of traffic surveys

If you deep dive into it, then you find several techniques and counting methods used by traffic networks to carry out the survey.  Since they are used for several purposes, accuracy is the predominant aspect. The data gathered is processed using standard statistical methods to derive meaningful information from it.

The manual survey is the most primitive and time-taking method where people count the frequency of vehicles on-site. It was used earlier when sophisticated techniques were non-existent.

Video surveys use cameras to determine traffic density. They can be equipped with sophisticated sensors that can count the number of vehicles automatically.

Regardless f the method used for counting, Logistics companies get benefited by traffic surveys.

Usefulness of surveys

Traffic surveys are highly useful for transport planners. They help in resolving traffic issues at local and national level. It becomes a valuable source for master planning. Critical decisions can be taken based on the statistical analysis derived from survey data. Traffic survey reports influence the future planning of companies that offer third party logistics.

The effectiveness of traffic planning depends on how well you plan it. The success of planning depends on how well we analyze the needs. Traffic surveys do it in the best manner. Hence, transport planners need them.

Updated: November 10, 2017 — 11:39 am
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